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This wiki is designed to assist the reader into obtaining a general understanding of decentralized digital currencies and how they operate. This wiki does not address any digital currencies issued and maintained by centralized or sovereign entities.

Like cryptocurrencies themselves, this wiki is designed to be a collaborative, decentralized, free open source effort. See something missing? Something that could use clarity? Something that needs updating or editing? Please contribute! The mission of this wiki is to provide neutral, factual content and resources. This wiki is not a political soapbox, a marketing platform, or a forum for debate. It is not a governance experiment, nor does it require a token. Contributors should treat each other--and their audience--with respect. Areas you should consider when contributing:


Does the technology mentioned pass basic diligence (or contain relevant disclaimers)? Does the company or organization exist as described? Is there evidence of a scam or a fraudulent undertaking?


Is the information or resource presented in an unbiased way? Is it prevented with full context and relevant disclaimers?


Does this information relate to cryptocurrency? Is this information actionable and/or educational?"

Although the purpose of this wiki is to serve as a factual and impartial information center on cryptocurrencies, readers and consumers are responsible for conducting their own investigation and due diligence. Nothing published on this site can be interpreted as a support or a recommendation. Interacting with cryptocurrencies involves serious regulatory, physical and financial risks. Scams and fraudulent behavior are unbridled in the cryptocurrency space. Never send cryptocurrencies to addresses published directly on this page. Redirected pages and your projects may be looking for financing or donations through cryptocurrencies. If you are considering making a donation, be cautious with the scams posing as legitimate projects. In some jurisdictions, the use of cryptocurrencies is illegal or is not recommended by local authorities. This may include activities related to mining, owning or transferring cryptocurrencies. Please, for your own safety, research and understand your regulations, best practices and local culture. Finally, interacting with cryptocurrencies can be a complex process that requires some degree of technical knowledge. One goal of this site is to partially demystify this and make cryptocurrencies more accessible. However, users should understand that even minor mishaps in the use of these products can result in permanent loss of funds.